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2022-09-03 03:53:56 By : Mr. David Shao

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One of the most popular thin and light laptops, the Dell XPS 13, was updated this year with the release of the Dell XPS 13 Plus. Not that the XPS 13 needed it, but the addition of a capacitive touch function row and compatibility for a higher wattage CPU provided Dell a good reason to release a new SKU with the “Plus” designation. However, early models of one of the most powerful configurations of the XPS 13 Plus have a fault that is surprising for a notebook with its history.

A Dell spokesperson told Ars Technica today that the company is aware of an “early batch” of Dell XPS 13 Plus laptops in which the OLED panels “may become loose” due to issues with the third-party adhesive used. The problem was first noticed yesterday by The Verge.

The representative promises that “just a limited number of displays may detach” from affected computers.

Although Dell refused to disclose an exact number of impacted products, it appears that the issue affects the very first XPS 13 Plus laptops that were sent to reviewers and early buyers. As soon as Dell found the adhesive problem, it fixed the production process, so other units shouldn’t be affected, according to the company’s representative. Units with LCD-LED panels are unaffected, Dell stated.

In the two weeks that Ars Technica has had an XPS 13 Plus from the problematic batch, we have had no difficulties with the screen. The laptop’s only noticeable defect is a shaky hinge.

A representative for Dell stated that affected consumers who purchased an OLED Dell XPS 13 Plus from Dell’s website will be contacted personally.

People who bought a Dell XPS 13 Plus from an authorised reseller and then registered the computer with Dell will also be contacted, according to Dell.

“If a customer has not registered their system, the first time they contact Dell technical support, the unique service tag associated with their computer will identify to Dell technical support that the system should be repaired or replaced,” Dell’s spokesperson said. “For customers who believe their computer is affected or if you have any questions, please contact Dell customer support.”

Dell also stated it is assisting its retail partners in replacing Dell-sold replacement equipment. One customer has claimed their returned item was actually mailed out.

While we haven’t seen any problems with our OLED-based XPS 13 Plus over the previous couple of weeks, others haven’t been so fortunate.

An disturbing video of an XPS 13 Plus casually plopping its screen off in the midst of a Best Buy can be found with a quick search online, as pointed out by The Verge. Reports of the screen breaking or becoming nearly useless or the touch input not functioning may be found on Reddit and other places.

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