Nippon Paint launched an improved anti-virus and anti-bacterial range to effectively combat Covid-19

2021-11-12 10:23:53 By : Ms. Winmy Kong

PETALING JAYA: Nippon Paint Malaysia (NPM) today launched two other anti-viral and anti-bacterial coating solutions with improved formulations. These solutions have been proven effective in preventing the spread of infectious diseases including Covid-19.

The paint series includes the first category Spot-less Plus, a low-gloss indoor antifouling paint, and the second category, Vinilex Fresh Plus, a smooth matte finish with low odor and good washability, which is very suitable for interior walls. The added product will complement the existing VirusGuard medium gloss paint, which can resist the growth of mold and fungus, and provide ultra-low VOC, excellent washability and long-lasting color.

The surfaces we often touch can serve as vectors for viruses and bacteria. Some bacteria (such as E. coli) may survive on inanimate surfaces for months, while infectious yeasts can survive for weeks. This emphasizes the importance of regular disinfection and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces. The Covid-19 virus can also be spread through the air, and can stay and spread in the air for up to several hours.

The newly improved anti-virus and anti-bacterial coating is formulated with silver ion technology, which can effectively eliminate microorganisms. The laboratory test report of Antimikrop R&D and biocidal analysis laboratory proves that the effective rate of harmful viruses and bacteria on the painted surface is 99.9 %. This technology uses a three-step method to inhibit the spread of viruses and bacteria-destroying the cell walls or membranes of viruses and bacteria to disable their functions, reduce their ability to reproduce, inhibit their survival, and ultimately lead to the death of viruses and bacteria.

NPM Group Managing Director Yaw Seng Heng said that the anti-virus and anti-bacterial product series represent the efforts of Nippon Paint Malaysia in creating safer indoor homes, work spaces and public places.

"We believe that with the lifting of lock-in restrictions, our products can provide additional protection for the environment, so the introduction of improved product series is timely. We are constantly seeking new opportunities and innovative solutions to bring our customers Add value while creating a beautiful and healthy environment."

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