Structural Glazing Adhesive Silicone Sealant for Construction

Structural Silicone Sealant for Aquarium (C-353)  Characteristics:1. One component2. Fast acid curing, high strength3. Non-discoloring. 4. Excellent cohesion for super aquarium and glass and most buil

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Structural Silicone Sealant for Aquarium (C-353)
Structural Glazing Adhesive Silicone Sealant for Construction


1. One component
2. Fast acid curing, high strength
3. Non-discoloring. 
4. Excellent cohesion for super aquarium and glass and most building materials.
5. Imported WACKER
5. Excellent resistance to low and high temperature, little performance changes between -10 ºC~120 ºC
Structural Glazing Adhesive Silicone Sealant for Construction

1. Joint sealing for high-grade glass assembling.
2. Joint sealing for day lighting roof construction and great glass
3. Joint sealing of side window and rear window glass 
4. Joint sealing for super aquarium and tank
5. Assembly for various kinds of windows and doors.
6. General joint and seal
Structural Glazing Adhesive Silicone Sealant for Construction


Working method:

1. Using the shovel, brush to clean, ensure clean and non greasy dirt.

2. Stick the Crepe paper along the edge of the gap, cut tip off cartridge, screw on nozzle, slantingly cut nozzle to desired size at the angle of 45°.

3. Using the scraper and make it smooth.

4. Kitchen Silicone Sealant Using the wet sponge or cloth to clean before solidify, and remove the crepe paper.

5. Products would reach the highest hardness after curing.

Structural Glazing Adhesive Silicone Sealant for Construction

1. Cannot be used as structural sealant.
2. Not compatible with materials with grease or exudation.
3. The construction surface should be clean and dry.
4. Not applicable to the seal of the immersed, airtight, or comprising substrates like copper, brass and lead, and oil-exudation surfaces.
5. Cannot be used on the substrate surface below 6ºC or above 40 ºC

1. For best result results, use opened cartridges on the same day. Otherwise store it strictly tightened
2. Pre-test is necessary to ensure the excellent adhesive property.
3. Avoid contacting with skin or eyes, in case of contacted, rinse immediately with plenty of water, go to hospital if necessary
4. Keep away from children before curing.
5. Avoid contaminating food, medicine or cosmetics.

Color available:
White, grey, transparent, others of special order

Curing Time:
Track-free Time is between 5-15 minutes at room temperature
Completely curing Time is between 24 hours to 72 hours at room temperature.

Cartridge: 300 ml   24 cartridges/ctn
Gross weight: 340g     Net weight: 280g    

Storage and transportation:
12 months stored in a dry and ventilated place below 27ºC in original packaging.
Non-dangerous, can be transported by train, automobile, ship.

Testing Standard: GB/T 14683-2003
NoItemThe standardTest result
1AppearanceHave no grain, no agglomerations, no skinning, and no bubble.Pass the standard
2Density (g/cm3)±0.10.960
3Droop degree
LevelNo damageNo damage
4Skinning time (h)≤30.2
5Elastic recovery ratio (%)≥8099
6Extrusion ability( ml/min)≥80108
7Tensile modulus
23ºC≤ 0.40.39
8Cold-hot adhesiveNo damageNo damage
9Under water adhesiveNo damageNo damage
10UV radiationNo damageNo damage
11Definite ElongationNo damageNo damage

Structural Glazing Adhesive Silicone Sealant for Construction

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Structural Glazing Adhesive Silicone Sealant for Construction


1.Can u send sample to us ?
   Yes, the sample is free to you to do the test.
2.Can you give us private design ?
   Yes, we offer OEM service, can making your own brand.
3.Where is your port?
4.What's your guarantee?
   We guarantee goods quality is same as sample's and what we descrip.
5.Can you provide us with your client information ?
    Yes, for checking our company reputation and sample collection.
6.How many days to produce one 20'container?
   Maxinum 15days
7.Can we visit factory?
   Yes, warmly welcome to visit us at any time.
8.Documents ?
   Packing list, commercial invoice, CO / FORM E / FORM A , BL making   according to your demand. 


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